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Pure Heart

| Filed under: Civil War Era, Civil War in the North, History, Recent Releases, Religion
Quigley cover

DescriptionAs a son fights to save the Union, his father strives to save the divided church he serves.

In the summer of 1862, as Union morale ebbed low with home front division over war costs, coming emancipation, … Read the rest



| Filed under: American History, History, Interpreting American History, Recent Releases
Smith cover

DescriptionA state-of-the-art historiographical study of Reconstruction at its sesquicentennial

Writing in 1935 in his brilliant and brooding Black Reconstruction, W. E. B. Du Bois lamented America’s post–Civil War era as a missed opportunity to reconstruct the war-torn … Read the rest


Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives

| Filed under: Civil War Era, Civil War in the North, History, Recent Releases
Hooper Cover

“Candice Hooper’s vivid new look at the lives of these Union generals’ wives reveals a hidden chapter of Civil War history. Brimming with rich detail, Hooper’s brisk and beguiling narrative weaves together the military and the personal to introduce a

Read the rest

The Lincoln Assassination Riddle

and | Filed under: American History, History, Recent Releases, True Crime, True Crime History
Williams cover

DescriptionExperts on the Lincoln assassination unravel the mysteries of the crime

Most Americans are aware that their sixteenth president was mortally wounded by a man named Booth at a Washington theater in April 1865. These are facts … Read the rest


Forging the Bee Line Railroad, 1848–1889

| Filed under: American History, History
Olson Cover

DescriptionRisk-taking pioneers and the early railroads of the American Midwest

In the 1830s, as the Trans Appalachian economy began to stir and Europe’s Industrial Revolution reached its peak, concerned Midwesterners saw opportunities and risks. Success of the … Read the rest


Bouquet’s Expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1764 by William Smith

| Filed under: American History, History
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Description Conflict and diplomacy in the Ohio Country

In the fall of 1764, Col. Henry Bouquet led a British-American army into what is today eastern Ohio with the intention of ending the border conflict called “Pontiac’s War.” Brokering … Read the rest


Ohio’s Historic Haunts

| Filed under: History, Recent Releases, Regional Interest
Willis Cover Image

DescriptionOhio’s premier paranormal researcher looks for the spirits behind the stories

Many of Ohio’s historically significant locations have developed a reputation for being haunted. While it might be almost impossible to prove the validity of … Read the rest


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