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Revised to stimulate and engage an undergraduate student audience, Feinberg’s updated account of Anuta opens with a chapter on his varied experiences when he initially undertook fieldwork in this tiny, isolated Polynesian community in the Solomon Islands. The following chapters … Read the rest


Slings and Slingstones

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York_Slings hr

DescriptionA fascinating examination of an overlooked weapon

For most of us, our knowledge of slings and slingstones begins and ends with the biblical tale of David slaying Goliath. Scholars and archaeologists have told us that slings like … Read the rest


Arrow Talk

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Strathern Book Cover

Arrow Talk makes a significant contribution to the understanding of Melanesian culture and contemporary sociopolitical issues in Papua New Guinea.  In a post modern era in which culture has been dismissed by many anthropologists as a reification, this book makes … Read the rest



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Landmarks Book Cover

Landmarks addresses a wide range of questions relevant to the recent history of anthropology and its importance to contemporary issues.  These questions include the significance of anthropology for Third World studies; the debate on whether anthropology is a scientific or … Read the rest


Caves and Culture

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Spurlock Book Cover


A collection of the last forty years of research on Ohio’s caves and rockshelters

Caves and Culture seeks to address a number of important problems, specifically the use of rockshelters by humans through time and transcontinental continuities. … Read the rest


Cultural Variability in Context

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Seeman Book Cover

Cultural Variability in Context, a collection of papers presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in April 1989, documents and explains the varied settlement and subsistence practices found in the prehistoric mid-Ohio Valley during … Read the rest


Archaic Transitions in Ohio and Kentucky Prehistory

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Prufer Book Cover

Notwithstanding the archaeological record amassed over nearly a century, little is understood abut the dynamics that led from the Stone Age to a semblance of formative civilization. This volume attempts to fill this gap in terms of archaeology, biological anthropology, … Read the rest


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