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The ’63 Steelers

| Filed under: Sports, Writing Sports


How a team of vagabonds made a charge at football history

The year 1963 percolated with dreams—big dreams. Martin Luther King Jr. had one, and he articulated it to an audience of a quarter of a million … Read the rest


1950s Radio in Color

| Filed under: Music, Regional Interest
Kennedy Cover



A remarkable collection of photographs by one of rock’s early champions

Between 1955 and 1960, popular Cleveland deejay Tommy Edwards photographed the parade of performers who passed through … Read the rest


200,000 Miles aboard the Destroyer Cotten

| Filed under: Military History
Miles Book Cover

In mid-June 1943, Snelling Robinson, a 20-year-old Harvard graduate and newly commissioned ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve, joined the pre-commissioning crew of the Fletcher class destroyer USS Cotten.  The new crew trained for the remainder of the summer and … Read the rest


Bouquet’s Expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1764 by William Smith

| Filed under: American History, History
Cover image not yet available

Description Conflict and diplomacy in the Ohio Country

In the fall of 1764, Col. Henry Bouquet led a British-American army into what is today eastern Ohio with the intention of ending the border conflict called “Pontiac’s War.” Brokering … Read the rest


“A Punishment on the Nation”

| Filed under: Civil War Era, Civil War in the North
Miller cover image

DescriptionThe preoccupations and sentiments of a common soldier caught in the most traumatic conflict in American history

Private Silas W. Haven, a native New Englander transplanted to Iowa, enlisted in 1862 to fight in … Read the rest


Above and Beyond

| Filed under: Sports
Livingston Book Cover


Winner of the 2009 National Media Award from the Pole Vault Development Committee of USA Track and Field

ForeWord Magazine’s 2008 Silver Award Winner for Excellence in Sports Books

2010 International Book Awards Winner in Sports: Autobiography/BiographyRead the rest


Above the Shots

and | Filed under: American History, Recent Releases, Regional Interest
Simpson and Wilson Cover

DescriptionProvocative memories surrounding the tragic events at Kent State University in May 1970

A deadly confrontation at Kent State University between Vietnam War protesters and members of the Ohio National Guard occurred in the afternoon on May … Read the rest


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