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Writing Sports

Writing Sports publishes reprints of classic sports books and original manuscripts of literary quality. The series includes all sports fields, though its emphasis in on baseball because of its historical standing as the national pastime. The series includes fiction and nonfiction.
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Connie Mack

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Lieb Cover

Connie Mack: Grand Old Man of Baseball is filled with intimate glimpses of Mack and of the players he managed over the years. Mack and his teams always gave Athletics fans a great show—and readers can relive the excitement in this facsimile reprint of Frederick G. Lieb’s classic biography.


The ’63 Steelers

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Author Rudy Dicks recreates the Steelers’ 1963 season game by game and profiles the ragtag squad of rejects, misfits, and scalawags that coach Buddy Parker jury-rigged into a contender. He shows how a group of unsung players banded together to overcome tough breaks, injuries, and a losing tradition, challenging the more glamorous Cleveland Browns and New York Giants for a conference title and a berth in the NFL Championship Game.


The Philadelphia Phillies

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Philadelphia Book Cover

In addition to its comprehensive and intimate examination of the team’s history, The Philadelphia Phillies addresses the challenge of rooting for an often-struggling home team in a city known for its passionate baseball fans. Lieb’s devotion to his hometown Phillies and overall love of the game and Baumgartner’s unique insight as a Philadelphia sportswriter and former player often lead to thoughtful advice and comfort for long-suffering Phillies fans. A trip through a rocky but remarkable past, The Philadelphia Phillies is another enjoyable addition to the Writing Sports Series.


The Detroit Tigers

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Detroit Book Cover

Fred Lieb’s team history of the Detroit Tigers was originally published in1946 as part of the celebrated series of major league team histories published by G. P. Putnam. With their colorful prose and delightful narratives, the Putnam books have been described as the Cadillac of team histories and have become prized collectibles for baseball readers and historians.


The Cleveland Indians

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Indians Book Cover

First published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons in 1949, Franklin “Whitey” Lewis’s The Cleveland Indians begins with the organization’s early years as the Cleveland Forest Citys, covers the 1920 World Series victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers, and concludes with the excitement of the 1948 pennant race.


My Greatest Day in Football

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Football Book Cover

First published in 1948, My Greatest Day in Football is a collection of reminiscences and stories from football’s early stars. College football games were the most memorable moments for many of these players and coaches, though some highlight professional and even high school games. Sam “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh recounts the National League Championship game played at Wrigley Field during his rookie season; Felix A. “Doc” Blanchard, nicknamed “Mr. Inside” for his powerful running attack, describes the triumphant day when Army ended its thirteen-year losing streak to Notre Dame; and Glenn Scobie “Pop” Warner explains why a tough battle against Cal was his greatest day, even though his Stanford team was not victorious. George “the Gipper” Gipp, Knute Rockne, and Paul Brown, who perhaps provides the most surprising game of all, are all included in My Greatest Day in Football.


Dreaming Baseball

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Baseball Book Cover

Much like author James T. Farrell, Mickey Donovan—the main character in Dreaming Baseball—grew up on the South Side of Chicago dreaming of becoming a star for the White Sox. Donovan’s childhood dream came true in 1919 when he made the team. Despite the fact that he spent most of his rookie season on the bench, it was truly a magical year—until the Black Sox scandal turned it into a nightmare. Farrell’s Donovan speaks, feels, and dreams for all baseball fans in this wonderfully rich novel about our favorite American pastime.