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True Crime History

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The True Crime History Series, aimed at both a general readership and a scholarly audience, features effectively written, well-documented studies of notable criminal cases from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, primarily American. Books in the series will often focus on once-sensational crimes that, at the time of their occurrence, captivated the public and will explore the social and cultural factors that help explain their significance. The series also includes studies of real-life crimes that served as the inspiration for important works of American fiction.

The Lincoln Assassination Riddle

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Williams cover

DescriptionExperts on the Lincoln assassination unravel the mysteries of the crime

Most Americans are aware that their sixteenth president was mortally wounded by a man named Booth at a Washington theater in April 1865. These are facts … Read the rest


Hauptmann’s Ladder

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Cahull cover

In 1936, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr. Almost all of America believed Hauptmann guilty; only … Read the rest


Nameless Indignities

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DescriptionNew evidence discovered in a 130-year-old mystery

Upon discovering that her great-great aunt was the victim and central figure in one of Illinois’s most notorious crimes, author Susan Elmore set out to learn more. She uncovered a … Read the rest


Guilty by Popular Demand

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Winner of a silver medal in the 2013 Independent Publisher Awards

DescriptionMurder and miscarriage of justice in a rural community

The townsfolk of Logan, Ohio, a mined-out area of the Appalachian foothills, cheered as an innocent man … Read the rest


The Supernatural Murders

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Sure to capture the imagination of devotees of true crime and the occult

This anthology of thirteen true crime stories includes the mysterious slaying of Charles Walton, who was found slashed and pierced to death in an … Read the rest


The Christmas Murders

| Filed under: True Crime, True Crime History

DescriptionA seasonal gift for connoisseurs of true crime

Here are ten murder cases of “the old-fashioned sort”—evoking a nostalgia more obviously associated with fiction—that all took place during the festive period from mid-December to Twelfth Night between … Read the rest


Born to Lose

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A small-time hoodlum who became the most hunted man in America

Stanley Barton Hoss was a burglar, thief, and local … Read the rest