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What We do

The mission of the Kent State University Press is “to advance knowledge through publishing.” We carry out our mission by publishing groundbreaking scholarship and important books of general interest and distributing them throughout the world in both print and electronic editions. Our publishing operation comprises five functional areas: administration, acquisitions, editorial, design/production, and marketing.

Administration: Kenneth Burhanna is Interim Director of the Press and is responsible for overall Press operations. Administrative Assistant and Journals Manager Carol Heller handles journal fulfillment, maintains databases, Amazon, E-books, copyright and performs a variety of support tasks for the Marketing Manager. Bookkeeper Norma Hubbell manages the Press’s accounting function and provides the Director with monthly financial reports.

Acquisitions: Acquiring Editor Will Underwood works with prospective authors and peer reviewers to develop new books for publication by the Press. 

Editorial Production: Managing Editor Mary Young works closely with manuscripts throughout the editorial production process, during which she is the authors’ primary liaison with the Press, sets publication schedules, and manages freelance editors.

Production: Design & Production Manager Christine Brooks and Assistant Design & Production Manager Darryl Crosby craft finished manuscripts into attractive, long-lasting books in both print and electronic editions and design advertising and promotional materials.

Marketing: Assistant Director and Marketing Manager Susan Cash is responsible for promotion, distribution, and sales. She advises the Director on administrative matters and works closely with authors, booksellers, and other stakeholders to ensure that Kent State University Press books are publicized widely and available to customers.